ACCSD: A Small Business with Values

Ann Catherine Cross School of Dance is a classic in the community.  Ann Catherine Cross, a student of the late Coralease Wells Troy, opened her first studio in 1981.  From the beginning, she was the lifeblood of the business, serving as teacher, administrator, bookkeeper, and mother.

Although times have changed, and Miss Ann doesn't do it all anymore, all of the work of ACCSD is done in-house by close friends and family members.  We embody the community spirit by remaining true to our identity, and never compromising our integrity, or selling out to passing fads or trends.  No matter what we do, we always do it our way.

ACCSD is known for modesty, class, and well-rounded training relevant to the needs of today's young dancers, but rooted in the traditions that made dance great.  Miss Ann brought the wisdom of the pioneers of dance in the 20th century, and that wisdom lives on in the youngest students today, and through our teachers, many of whom trained with Miss Ann in their youth.

It is this commitment to uniqueness and purity of form that has convinced the community to support us for the past 35+ years.  If you are looking for a dance school you can trust, the only choice is Ann Catherine Cross School of Dance.

Want to learn how we can make the difference in your child's education?  

Call Us at 804-730-1740 or email us at accsdance [at] yahoo [dot] com.