Dance vs. Cheerleading: What's best for your child?

It happens every year.  Girls, mostly in their pre-teen and teen years, are faced with a choice to take dance or join the cheerleading team

The goal of this article is not to argue why someone should not join the cheerleading team, but rather to show why we feel dance is the most beneficial extracurricular physical fitness activity for children that exists today. 

That's a huge claim, right?  Sure it is!  At ACCSD, we feel that thinking big is the best way to excel in the competitive world today, and this idea of reaching to ever greater heights is the underlying philosophy of our studio. 

Dance is great for building strength, stamina, coordination, creativity, confidence, and a team spirit.  But alongside the team spirit is the empowerment of the individual.  Without strong individuals coming together, no team can be strong.  It all starts with each dancer striving to be their best to make a team work. 

At ACCSD we try our hardest to push every student to find their potential and go farther than they thought they could.  As mentors, we feel it is important that students never settle for where they are, but imagine where they could be.  In the classroom, the success of one student becomes contagious, inspiring others to seek the same success.

Dance goes beyond simple ideas, and connects the body to the soul.  When we dance, we express the full meaning of who we are, and reinforce our desire to better ourselves, both inside and outside.  Dance is not about achieving the perfect body (there is no such thing), but by loving yourself, and believing in yourself.  This is how the leaders of tomorrow are built, and this is why we have had so many great leaders graduate from our school.

Our dancers have gone on to become valedictorians, lawyers, nurses, professional dancers, broadway actresses, singers, business leaders, and much more.  They bring their children to us, knowing that the lessons from the dance community helped shape them into the successful people they are today.  We receive calls and emails from former students thanking us for the impact dance had on their lives. 

At dance, we learn to cheer ourselves and our teammates on.  We learn to be both the athlete and the cheerleader.  We learn to embody the very spirit of independence and freedom that we love and enjoy in this country. 

When deciding whether to sign up for dance or cheering, ask yourself what dance can do for your child's future.  Or just call us!