2017 Recital: A Smashing Success!

It was a whirlwind of a day, but we made it through three shows packed with passion, energy, and dedication!  All of our students gave their all to their performances and we could not be more proud of them for it.

This year, we shortened our shows, and upped our quality to create an even better experience than before.  We have heard your voices and amazing feedback, and we are taking action to up our game every single day.  We are grateful for your support year after year!

Check out some photos from the show below.  You can see the commitment and passion in their faces and dancing.  They exude a sense of professionalism and love of the art of dance.  When  we see children's faces lighting up, and their bodies expressing emotion and feeling in such a profound way, we are reminded of why ACCSD exists.  These kids are improving at lightning speed, and we are going to keep leading them to greater heights!

Our students love and support each other and we are proud of our commitment to sportsmanship and teamwork!


Now that our big day has come and gone, what's next you ask?


This year, we have packed our Summer with a new slate of classes and styles to bring you the cutting edge in dance to Mechanicsville.  There is still time to register for Summer Classes and we would love to have you!