Holidays and Breaks

We will close on the following days:

Fall Break
November 21-26, 2017

Winter Break
December 19, 2017—January 7, 2018

Spring Break
April 2—April 8, 2018

Memorial Day
May 28, 2018

The school will be open on all other holidays, regardless of whether the county schools are closed.

Weather Closings

ACCSD Mechanicsville will follow Hanover County school closings. 

ACCSD Tappahannock will follow Essex County school closings.

Elko Dance Center will follow Henrico County school closings.

If there is ever a doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.  We will also post school closings on our website and facebook page by 7:00am, or earlier if possible.

We will assign make-up classes as needed and at the discretion of the director.  

We have built in extra days into the schedule to create a buffer.  There is no guarantee that all missed classes will be made up.