"My daughter is 16 and has danced with ACCSD for almost 10 years.  It is amazing how the teachers at ACCSD have taken the time and energy to help my daughter (as well as all of the students) grow in the art of dance.  The teachers are awesome!!!  They take the time to work with each student to "pull out" the best in them.  The level of commitment, dedication and integrity that the teachers and Ms. Ann display is genuine.  The only downside for me at this time is that my daughter only has 2 years before she graduates, which means she will also "graduate" from ACCSD :-(  But I am confident that the instruction received at ACCSD will be the launch of her career in the performing arts arena.  ACCSD is the BEST Hands Down!!!"

– Sheila Parker


"I grew up dancing at this studio from the age of 6 until 18. The level of instruction at this studio is unbeatable. All faculty members have bachelor's degrees or Master's degrees in dance related fields and teach the highest level of dance education. I was always treated as if I was a member of the family and even coming in as a new student with no experience amongst children who had been dancing since the age of two I was always given the attention that I needed to excel and become a valued member of the team. LOVE this studio and the faculty! I highly recommend this studio to anyone who wants the best in dance education for their children. With the education I received here I was able to attain a Bahcelor's degree in dance and choreography at VCUarts, was accepted to travel the world studying dance for a year, and am currently teaching dance performing with a start up dance company in Richmond VA, called Karar Dance Company. The possibilities are endless!"

– Anna Jane Glascock


"My Daughter has taken dance classes for the past 5 years.  She loves the girls she dances with & her teacher, Miss Carol. I know she is getting a great dance education at ACCSD."

– Liz Allen


"My granddaughter has attended ACCSD since she was 2 1/2years old (she is now 16).  Their teachers are highly qualified,  and their dedication to the development of each student isinspiring.  They are a school dedicated to excellence and a great fit for the highly committed dancer.  They compete in regional as well as national competitions which is very motivational for the students.    My daughter was trained at a ballet school and has a degree in dance and choreography, so I have been watching dance and dance teachers for many years.  In my opinion, they are the absolute best in this area."

– Maryann Atkinson


"I can't tell you how wonderful of an experience my family had with "We Are Artist." Every aspect of this organization was amazing. You all ARE artist in every way; not just in dancing. Thank you for giving my son, Ray, such a wonderful experience. Ray's speech is good, but not great. Since the performance night, he has been talking in complete sentences and has just grown so much intellectually. Thank you for that. He is also still asking to dance every day. He did some dance "moves" he learned for my family. He's been singing into microphones, singing at church, and dancing anywhere and everywhere. Please thank all of the group for working with Ray and for loving him. Not many people try to get to know him; not even family and friends. So, it was such a wonderful sight to see people talk to him, work with him, and love him for him. Thanks a million times over. I hope that we get to do this next summer! Love, The Anthonys P.S. If you ever offer dance lessons like the ones we saw in the performance, my entire family is interested in learning these dances. I'm not kidding. We were all so excited to watch each dance!"

– The Anthony family


"My daughter has been dancing with ACCSD for 10 years and I could ask for a better dance home or home in general. She receives the highest quality instruction for technique but more than this she receives love from dedicated teachers, life lessons in teamwork, dedication, and commitment. I couldn't ask for a more living environment for her to grow. We love ACCSD!!  Come join our team!"

– Robin Gilbert


"If you're looking for a place to dance, then this place would be a good choice. If you're looking to become something more than just a "dancer", then you've come to the right place. When I first started dancing here, I knew absolutely nothing about the dance world or anything in it. I was a lost kid with no dreams or any clue really with what I wanted to do with my life. This place changed all that. I have fought through some tough spots, but always pulled through because Miss Ann, Autumn, Blake, and everyone that has to do with this studio, fought for me. You can go to a studio that just teaches you, but this studio cares about you. They gave me a push in the right direction, and now I have such a great future ahead of me, and it all started here. I will forever and always love this studio and all the people that have influenced me."

– Matt Foley


"Enrolling our daughter in the SBK program at ACCSD is one of the best decisions Tom and I have made for Brynna. The experience has been significant and well worth the investment in many ways. Brynna is learning about responsibility, discipline, sportsmanship, comaraderie, and friendship (the list goes on and on)in a safe and constructive setting. Ms. Ann and Brynna's instructors truly care about her and the other students. They promote excellence and provide a well-balanced atmosphere for the dancers to flourish. Talent abounds at the studio and it has been a joy to see Brynna grow and mature in her skillfulness. I look forward to the years ahead at ACCSD. Thanks to Ms. Ann, Ms. Autumn, and all the instructors and administrators that make ACCSD exceptional."

– Anita Watkins

"I began dancing at Ann Catherine Cross School of Dance when I was about 2 years old, and not a day has gone by where I am not thankful that my parents placed me in dance at such a young age. Not only did dancing become a passion of mine but Miss Ann was like a mother to me. Through dancing at ACCSD I learned how to be graceful, determined, diligent, respectful, honest, and most of all the benefits of hard work. I know for a fact that these traits were acquired through dancing at ACCSD. If you were to ask my parents they would agree whole-heartedly. Miss Ann takes an interest in her students that not many other instructors do. She focuses on pushing them to their limits to not only be the best dancer they can be but the best person they can be. I would never recommend another dance studio because Ann Catherine's holds such a special place in my heart and I wish that everyone could be a part of the wonderful environment Miss Ann has created."

– Kristin Longest


"Miss Ann, Thank you for a wonderful weekend and all of those Friday solo and duet practices!! It is really nice of you to offer free practice time to all of your company members. I don't know of any other school that does that. Also, thank you for purchasing a head mic for Sydney to use this year. What a difference it made to hear her sing her song on Saturday with a mic, even with a cold. In the past, she always had to sing without one and they had to turn the music down real low so she could be heard. Thank you for helping Sydney and all of your students reach their potential. We believe Sydney is in the right place and it wasn't by chance that we found your school. Sydney never complains about the long drive and is always excited to go to class."

– Cynthia Hall


"I have been so impressed w/ ACCSD and their students. Except for studying a little ballet I am not a dancer myself but several dancers from this studio took part in a benefit concert I did last August. The 3 girls who performed are very talented and obviously love dancing and have been taught well! I have also seen Miracles in Motion perform and have read about their accomplishments and am truly impressed and amazed.  Miss Ann and the other instructors do a great job and deserve a big thank-you! I agree w/ one of the comments that said the students are trained to be great people as well as great dancers."

– Susanna Briere


"Took from Ann Catherine for many years. Miss you all very much. Will be contacting you for some adult classes. Miss Ann Holds a very special place in my heart and is soo very glad that the school is doing so well. Talk to you soon!!!"

– Paige Robbins


"When your child loves to dance & spends hours & hours each week at a dance studio, it is important for that environment to be healthy & happy. Ann Catherine Cross personally assures that her dancers are instructed by teachers who are extremely talented. More importantly though, Miss Ann & her instructors understand dancers & work with them to be good people as well as great dancers!"

– Kathy Merry