We love new ideas and fresh perspectives

At ACCSD, we have held many special workshops and short-term programs. We often invite Guest Artists to shake things up!  It is great for students to meet and learn from a diverse group of people with different styles and experiences to share.  Dance is always evolving and we stay on the cutting edge. 

If you have any requests for future workshops or feedback on past workshops, please Contact Us.  We love to hear from parents and students so that we can remain on the pulse of what our families are looking for.  We want to serve the community as best as we can, and we are all ears!

Past workshops have included:

The Wizard of Oz
Led by Miss Ann, this workshop teaches the fundamentals of acting, singing, dance, and stage presence through the work of this legendary show.

Little Red Riding Hood
Led by Miss Ann Catherine Cross, we put on a full-scale production in our studio of the classic play, complete with lighting, special effects, and video projection.

The Blake Project
One of our head teachers, Blake Roeder, developed an elite training program for select students for 3 hours every weekend. We worked on Ballet, Somatics, Improvisation, and Choreography.

Acting 101
Taught by Blake Roeder, this summer program taught acting and character development to students through the work Stanford Meisner, Constantin Stanislavsky, Uta Hagen, and Richard Boleslavsky.

The Functional Body
Taught by husband and wife duo Blake and Stephanie Roeder, this bi-monthly workshop series was designed to teach students, as well as adults (both dance students and non-dance students) to find ease and efficiency in movement through innovative exercises deriving from studies of anatomy and kinesiology.

Acro with Anna Jane
Our alumni student Anna Jane Glascock shares her extensive knowledge of acrobatics with students of all ages in a short-term workshop series that are designed to improve strength, flexibility, and coordination.  Anna, who is also an amazing dancer, has a keen understanding of how to perform gymnastic movements safely, and in harmony with what we learn in dance classes. 

Hip-Hop with Allie
Our Hip-Hop teacher, Allie Ramirez, brings the cutting edge of the world of Hip-Hop to Mechanicsville!  In this short-term workshop series, students of all ages work it out to awesome age-appropriate music, learning urban rhythms and accents in a fun environment.